To build a brand for customers and to create influence for customers' brands.
Sumvier was established as a smartphone, and its main business is 3C products, which are sold to the global market
Established a product research and development team, mainly to develop active noise reduction chip solutions, and began to enter the production stage at the end of the same year.
A variety of products are online at the same time,

improving noise reduction and sound quality.

Develop OEM\ODM European and American markets.
Company Culture

Corporate mission: To build a brand for customers and to create influence for customers' brands.

Core values: Unity, transcendence, and customer success.

Corporate philosophy: The company's best products, even the company itself
Product entrance
Self-built mold production line
Independent design ID, MD

Strategic cooperation
Looking for strategic cooperation globally, we produce and you sell.
Because of love
So put yourself in OEM\ODM
Music is intangible. In this world, there are very few intangible things that are loved by countless people. I have been thinking about what else can this be? A tangible one does not need to be described in a lot of metaphysical language, it may be a product.

I just thought about what is closest to me, and at the same time I can give it a good sound and a good spirit, so I thought of headphones. This is the original intention of the birth of today's SUMIVER headphones.
Brand Cooperation
Specializing in the production, procurement and sales of electronic products, we will work hard for our customers' brands to have a better local influence. We will always provide you with OEM\ODM services.